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Introduction to the Reformer

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If you’re working towards achieving a goal, it’s important to be consistent and take action on a regular basis so that you keep moving forward. At Hatt’s we’re passionate about helping other’s prioritise their body’s health by keeping active and moving throughout their life. That’s why we’d like to introduce you to our 31-day challenge.


No matter what month of the year we’re in, this is a great tool to help you improve your health and movement on a daily basis. You can download the 31-day calendar below and view the videos that our team have made to talk you through each challenge.


Let us know how you get on by posting your pictures and videos to Instagram or Facebook, tagging us, and commenting with the hashtag #hatts31daychallenge.


Good luck!

*Please note that this 31-day challenge was originally created as a New Year’s challenge, so there will be a reference to this in the videos. However, the challenges are relevant all year round!


Click here to download the 31-day challenge calendar >


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