A Journey To Recovery

Hearing success stories from our patients about how we were able to help them positively impact and change their lives is why we do what we do.

Thank you so much to one of our wonderful patients for sharing their story…

I attended 5 sessions of your Rehab Clinic in August. For years I had suffered a lot of pain in my lower back, particularly at night, which meant I had trouble sleeping. I thought my scoliosis was to blame and had visited the Scoliosis Clinic.  I had also had treatment from an osteopath and had of course spoken to my doctor. My doctor advised that I should not be scared of using paracetamol when the nights were really bad. For two years I have kept a pain diary, recording the nights I was unable to sleep on my side because of the pain, and the nights when I had to take painkillers.

You told me I had weak glutes and I was given exercises to deal with this in your Rehab Clinic. I have done these exercises daily since then. There was no discernable improvement at first but over time there has been an astonishing improvement. I no longer dread going to bed as I am now able to sleep on both sides at night and get a good night’s sleep. I no longer have the sensation of having broken my lower back when I am tired.  I have given up keeping my pain diary, as I have no more bad nights to record.

I find it quite astonishing that a muscle can get so weak when I need a really active life. I have done core exercises daily for the last 3 years, yet this did nothing to tone up my glutes. I wish I had thought to go to a physiotherapist earlier.  I am also glad that I opted for the 5 Rehab sessions, where I had individual treatment. My daughter had recommended them as they had helped her with her running.

Thank you so much for your help. I feel like a new woman!

We absolutely love hearing about our patient’s journeys with us. If you’d like to share yours, please do share! Also if you’re experiencing pain then our team are here to help. Click here to book an appointment.