Enjoy a Hot Stone Massage in Marlborough

With the stress and strains of modern life getting even the best of us down, many people are looking for the ideal way to relax and take some time out for themselves. One very popular option is a hot stone massage which is a fantastic way to unwind and take some time out of everyday life, and is also a superb therapeutic method for relieving pain in instances where normal massage techniques would be too painful such as in whiplash injuries or severe muscle spasm.

If you are looking to enjoy a Hot Stone Massage in Marlborough then James Hatt & Associates is one of the very best places that you can visit. Based in Hughenden Yard just off the High Street, you can enjoy a deeply relaxing massage using heated volcanic stones, ambient and soothing music and aromatherapy oils that are selected specifically for this type of massage. 

The highly experienced therapist will utilise the stones to heat your muscles, enabling them to relax so that you get a lovely deep massage. All massages are tailored for your own personal requirements, so it always worth discussing what you would like to get out of your massage with your Therapist.

You can find out more from our Massage Therapy section.

Let us help you to recover, unwind and relax – book your Hot Stone Massage in Marlborough today on 01380 730473.