Forever Fit – Get Fitter, Feel Younger

Do you want to keep fit and healthy but struggle to find a type of exercise that suits your needs? Well you’re not alone!


That’s why we’ve created Forever Fit, an exercise class for men and women over 60 to help you keep fit and active in a sociable environment.


Forever Fit classes are run by our Strength and Conditioning coach Garrath, who designs the classes to leave you feeling energised, stronger and more confident.


So what does a typical Forever Fit class include?

· 1 hour class – 10 minute warm up, 40 minutes of the main exercises and 10 minute cool down

· You’ll experience a mix of exercises that focus on improving your strength, balance, mobility and cardiovascular health

· You will be guided by a fully trained instructor who will make sure you’re using the right technique and provide you with feedback throughout the class

· With small class sizes and a friendly atmosphere, Forever Fit really is the perfect way to keep active


Watch this video for a sneak peak into a Forever Fit class 



“The Forever Fit Class really hits the mark for me. The attention I receive from the instructor and the friendly atmosphere makes it a fun way to achieve greater fitness. Due to the small class sizes I feel like I have my own personal trainer.”

To try a Forever Fit class, give our friendly Patient Services team a call on 01380 730473 or visit our Forever Fit page for more information.