Hitting the target with Devizes Bowmen archery club

It was a grand evening with the Devizes Bowmen archery club on 16th September 2015. The team at James Hatt & Associates welcomed 16 of the club’s members for an evening of presentations and practical exercises, with food and entertainment thrown in for good measure.

Club Treasurer, Neil Lockhart, got in touch with us earlier this summer – requesting if we could host a talk about the impact archery has on specific muscle groups, how to avoid unnecessary injury, and what to do if injury does occur.

This was the perfect opportunity for our Clinical Lead, Guy Kingston and our Rehab Therapist, Ryan Stewart to get their teeth into learning about a new sport and how the specific movements positions and forces involved in archery affects the body.

On the day, club members enthusiastically got involved in the presentation – asking questions, discussing issues, and picking up Guy on his archery terminology!

Ryan too got everybody involved with practising warm-up exercises (at which point some members got carried away with dance-moves), and stretches to warm and loosen those muscles before hitting the targets hard.

Neil Lockhart sums up the evening well – “Guy and his team hit the target with this session providing our members with practical information and specific warm up exercises, which given that our members’ ages range from 11 years to over 80 years old, was a real challenge. Archery is a physically and mentally demanding sport, and I can already see us having a team warm up before shooting on a Saturday morning.”

“I am sure that a few of our members will be seeking further advice from Guy’s team in the near future. It was surprising how many people had some minor injury that never got mentioned until signing up for this session. Although one member’s expectations on reversing the aging process was not met, all other expectations were exceeded!”

A grand evening with the #DevizesBowmen – ‘Get Fit & Stay For for Archery’ presented by Guy Kingston & Ryan Stewart with some #exercises, #entertainment and #food thrown in for good measure.

Posted by James Hatt & Associates – Healthcare Clinic on Thursday, 17 September 2015


At James Hatt & Associates we’re passionate about promoting an active lifestyle, which is why we were glad for this opportunity to work with a local sports club.

If you’d like us to give an informative, practical and fun presentation to members of your club, get in touch with us today.