How a Gait Analysis helped Paul get back on his bike

Read about Paul’s experience with a Gait Analysis, and how it helped him get back to doing what he loves best – cycling.


My right foot was giving me a lot of discomforts particularly when I went for a ride on my bike. It reached the stage where after only 20 minutes of cycling the area behind my smallest toe was really bothering me. I tried different shoes and thicker socks but it made no difference. As cycling is my main hobby and the way I keep some level of fitness I knew I needed some professional help.


By good chance, I was put in touch with Benn at Hatt Clinic. I went for a consultation which resulted in him recommending I have an injection to calm the inflamed area on my foot. Plus he described the custom insole package that Hatt Clinic provides. It’s fair to say that even though I wasn’t totally sure it would work for me I was becoming so concerned I would have to reduce my cycling I gave the go-ahead there and then.


Benn took a cast of the soles of my feet and I arranged to come back in three weeks’ time.


I returned with two pairs of my cycling shoes as planned and Benn inserted my new shiny insoles into the shoes. They were a good fit in both pairs. Benn explained he had designed the insoles to reduce the pressure behind my smallest toe on both of my feet which seemed a good idea to me. Plus the insoles had a fair amount of carbon fiber which is always good news from a cyclist’s point of view.


I couldn’t wait to get home and go for a ride. Benn had suggested I start with a gentle ride of up to 30 minutes to start with. Naturally, I ignored this sensible advice and decided to go for the Full Monty. I pedaled away from home and went in search of the nearest hill which I blasted up as fast as I possibly could. And then I found another and yet more. In the end, I was riding for just over two hours. The insoles felt great. In fact, I had forgotten all about my feet and was just enjoying the fresh air and thrill of riding. And riding pain-free.


I’ve now ridden around 700 hundred miles in my new insoles and they have been just superb. I’ve also had a follow-up visit with Benn which was all part of the course of treatment that comes with the plan. Thanks Benn!”


If you’re struggling with foot pain, and like Paul, it’s stopping you from doing the things you love, get in touch and book in for a Gait Analysis Appointment