Suffering With An Ingrowing Toenail?


At Hatt’s, we understand that having an ingrowing toenail can not only be painful, but also uncomfortable and unsightly. 

That’s why our expert Podiatrists offer treatments with the highest success rates so that you have the best chance of getting rid of your ingrowing toenail for good.


Take a look at some of the treatment options available:

General Treatment

After a thorough foot assesment, we will remove the nail spike/edge to relieve the pain and enable the toe to start healing. If you have a wound, it will be cleansed and dressed appropriately to keep it covered from bacteria. If the toe shows any signs of infection we will be able to arrange antibiotics from your GP if required.


Conservative Treatment

If you are struggling to maintain your own nail cutting or if you have a nail shape prone to ingrowing, we would provide you with conservative nail cutting treatment and advice to prevent the future occurrence of your ingrowing nail. 


Nail surgery

If your ingrowing toenail is very persistant, we can perform nail surgery to get to the root of the problem. The minor surgery is performed under local anaesthetic and involves partial or total removal of the offending nail and the use of a chemical to stop it regrowing. This is a very successful long term treatment option if the ingrowing nail is particularly bad.


If you are having any problems with a suspected ingrowing toenail, please don’t hesitate to get in touch by calling a clinic near you or you can book an appointment with a Podiatrist who can confirm diagnosis and create a bespoke treatment plan for you.