Steph Hatt

Hi, I’m Steph and I started my journey as a Marketing Assistant at Hatt’s in 2017 having graduated from Manchester University. As a new graduate, the idea of going into the working world seemed quite daunting until I had my first day at Hatt’s. Having spent just a week with the team, I felt like I’d been here forever. Everyone was so friendly, approachable and made me feel extremely welcome.

Before I started, the marketing team consisted of solely the Marketing Executive, so I was excited to embrace this opportunity and help take the marketing department to the next level.

I was inducted over a six week period which I found incredibly insightful. As each week went by, I started to learn more about the company and its visions and values and felt incredibly grateful to have been given such a wonderful opportunity. A year down the line, I’m continuously blown away by the commitment, motivation and friendliness of the team I’m working with. It truly is a unique working environment.

Over the years, I’ve had a great amount of support to enable my development to becoming a Marketing Executive including online courses, monthly 1:1’s and coaching sessions, quarterly team meetings and much more. I’ve developed a wide variety of skills from organising events to creating inspiring marketing material. I absolutely love my role because not one day is the same. The types of projects I work on are varied and exciting and I’ve been able to introduce a lot of original ideas over the past year which I’m really proud of.

Most of my time is spent in head office in Devizes. It’s an open office so we all work in the same space which means we build great friendships and are able to offer support to each other at all times. There’s no doubt that we all work extremely hard, but we also have so much fun! We’ve had Friday lunch club in the past where we take it in turns to cook lunch and each together, there are always lots of yummy cakes and tea rounds and there isn’t a day that goes by without a belly laugh from at least one member of the team.

I could never have imagined coming out of university that I would love working life this much, but with the support I’ve received alongside the team that I work with, it’s made my transition from university to work seamless and I’m really excited to move forward with the company and see what’s in store for the future.