Looking for Physiotherapy in Frome?

Looking for Physiotherapy in Frome?

Take a look at some of the glowing reviews from our patients.

” ‘Your Physio is amazing!’ My GP’s comment. Jill listened to me, examined me carefully and trusted her clinical expertise over an apparently normal X-ray result and requested my GP for an MRI. For the first time, I received clear instructions as to how to manage my injury, greatly reducing the pain within 2 days.

The scan showed 5 undisplaced fractures. A visit to a pelvic specialist followed. Further X-rays showed evidence of good healing (9 weeks after the accident). Hence my relieved GP’s comment. I thank God I reached Jill in time to be prevented from doing permanent damage.

At 64, I wondered if I would ever walk unaided again, but now just 10 weeks after the injury I am almost completely back to normal. But had I not called into the Physio that day…?”

“I needed some help so booked myself in. What a great decision – staff were welcoming, thorough and professional – and most importantly, the Physio treatment has let me to get back to enjoying life!”

“I just wanted to say thanks to you. You not only gave me the physical ability to improve things, but also the mental strength when I went through many occasions of feeling very down.

I now go for bike rides at least twice a week, even with my little boy on the back, as I feel confident riding now. So, big thanks to you, I know that’s your job, but you enabled me to change my life in the past year.”

If you aspire to better health, to be active, independent and pain-free, take action today. Give us a ring and take the first step to better health.