Physiotherapy in Devizes, Marlborough & Frome

Headaches and pains from injuries are all common conditions, and they can be treated effectively without the use of drugs through physiotherapy. At James Hatt & Associates, you get treated for muscle injuries as well as back and neck problems by chartered physiotherapists.

Whether it is a case of whiplash or golfer’s elbow, hamstring tear or spinal degeneration, visit their clinics in Devizes, Frome and Marlborough for specialist attention and treatment. The James Hatt & Associates physiotherapists help with faster recovery from sports injuries and even after-surgery recuperation. They also provide a helping hand with long-term problems related to such conditions as arthritis, postural and mobility issues.

Since James Hatt & Associates are the experts in musculoskeletal medicine, you can also opt for alternative treatments like acupuncture, massage therapy, and chiropody and podiatry. There is a highly competent team of podiatrists, massage practitioners and physiotherapists working together every day to thoroughly assess and diagnose your condition, before determining the best treatment for rapid and long-lasting results.

These professionals will help you with your current symptoms, and also treat the root cause of the problem helping give the complex body systems of their clients the necessary regular maintenance. Their services help you feel terrific, look great and perform optimally. You also receive advice on how to prevent any future recurrence of the problem.

Get an assessment of your problem today. To book an appointment at one of the clinics in Devizes, Marlborough or Frome simply call 01380 730473 or email us at