Pilates in Marlborough

We are very excited to introduce brand new Reformer Pilates Classes at our Marlborough studio.

Reformer Pilates is a new and exciting way to keep active and healthy and is great for improving your core strength, flexibility and overall conditioning.

Spaces are limited, so if you’d like to join a class call our patient services team on 01672 516580.


What is Reformer Pilates?

It’s a type of Pilates class that’s done entirely on a piece of equipment called a Reformer. You’ll perform a whole new range of exercises that will increase your core strength & flexibility, improve your posture and help you build resistance to injury.


What Does A Typical Reformer Pilates Class Include?

You’ll perform a mix of resistance training and Pilates that will exercise your entire body with a focus on strengthening your core. With only 6 people in a class you’ll get hands-on guidance by a fully trained instructor ensuring you to get the most out of your class.


What Are The Benefits?

  • Improve your core strength & flexibility
  • Ease back pain & build resistance to injury
  • Develop better posture
  • Improve your overall conditioning
  • Feel energised & refreshed


When do classes run?


Take a look at our latest timetable here >

How Do I Join?

  • Pick a class from the Timetable above
  • Choose from a guaranteed space each week or go for a flexible option
  • Call our patient services team on 01672 516580 to book your class

Single Class: £25

Block of 10 Classes: £200


Find out more about Reformer Pilates >

The studio is located conveniently on the Marlborough high street in Hughenden Yard, SN8 1LT. You can park on the high street or at the Hyde Lane car park