Pilates Membership FAQs

Please find below a list of our most commonly asked questions. If you have any additional questions please speak to a member of our team by calling 01380 730473.

Q. Do I have to do the Quickstart Pilates before joining Pilates at Hatt’s?

You just need to do a 1:1 with one of the Pilates team before your first class. This could be part of the Quickstart if you wish, or just a regular Matwork or Reformer 1:1. The Quickstart is suitable for people who have never done Pilates before and who may want to try a few classes before deciding what suits them best.

Q. Can I do 2 or more classes per week?

You are more than welcome to take on a 2 or 3 class membership. These can be a mixture of Matwork and Reformer, or all the same. In these circumstances an additional bonus 5% discount will be applied to your direct debit. Alternatively If you want to intermittently attend a second class then you can PAYG and enjoy your 20% discount.

Q. How far ahead can I book my membership to start?

You can book your membership to start up to 2 weeks ahead.

Q. What happens if I join part way through a month?

As it can take time for your direct debit to be set up we will calculate what you need to pay in advance, prior to your direct debit being active. It is a very simple process.

Q. Why is PAYG more expensive per class?

This is due to the extra costs of ongoing booking administration and financial processing required throughout the year.
We feel it does still offer great value for individuals who want the high level of flexibility that PAYG offers.

Q. As a Pilates member can I use my 20% discount to buy PAYG Pilates class credits?

Yes. You can use your discount to buy additional PAYG single classes or PAYG class credits.

Q. What can my 5% Hatt Clinic discount be used for?

This discount can be used for ALL non-Pilates services and products at the clinic with just 1 exception –Quickstarts (as these are significantly discounted already). It cannot be used in conjunction with any other special offers or discounts and is only for your personal use.

*All the additional discounts you receive as a Hatt Pilates member are valid whilst you maintain your active Hatt Pilates membership direct debit.

Q. What happens if my regular class falls on a bank holiday?

If this occurs on one of the 5 remaining bank holidays (the 3 at Xmas and New Year are already excluded due to the annual break) then you can choose to:-

  1. Call us any time from 2 weeks before your regular class, up until 24 hours before the class, to arrange a Make up*
  2. On the day of the class we will automatically apply Clinic Credit (to the same value as the class) onto your account. This is a non refundable credit but does not expire and can be used for any other services at Hatts.

Q. When is the Christmas and New Year 2 week break?

The Christmas and New Year starts on Saturday 21st December 2019 and classes will restart on Monday 6th January 2020.

Q. Can I attend my Make up* class outside of the 4 week window (2 weeks before and 2 weeks after the class I cannot attend)?

We are unable to manage requests outside of our defined service level so please do give us plenty of notice, ensuring you have the maximum opportunity to get a time/date to suit you. Please don’t request exceptions to our team as they will be unable to accommodate them.

Q. Why can’t I give more than 2 weeks notice to arrange a Make up* class?

This is to avoid ‘blocking’ available membership slots, so that new patients have the opportunity to start a Pilates membership and be able to book their desired regular class.

Q. Why can’t I move my Make up* class once it is booked in?

This is due to the extra costs of ongoing booking administration. Our monthly membership fees are set with this service level in mind.

Q. What happens if my class is cancelled due to instructor unavailability?

We will always do our best to have the class covered by another clinician in the first instance. However, if this is not possible, we would offer to book you a Make up* class (to be booked in up to 4 weeks following this cancellation), or give you the option of a Clinic Credit.

Q. What happens if the clinic is closed due to extreme weather or unforseen circumstances?

Fortunately these scenarios are really quite rare. Again for any missed classes due to this we would offer to book you a Make up* class (to be booked in up to 4 weeks following this cancellation), or give you the option of a Clinic Credit.

Q. I realise at the weekend that I cannot make my Monday class, how do I give notice of this?

Our phone lines are open on Saturdays and we also have an answermachine that is available the rest of the weekend. Your time of call is logged and as long as we have the required 24 hours notice then we will call you back to see if you want to arrange a Make up* class.

Q. I can’t attend my class so can I request Clinic Credit instead of a Make up* class?

We can only offer Clinic Credit in circumstances when we are not able to run your class. Our preference is always for you to do a Make up* class so that you continue to get the benefit from regular attendance.

Q. If I have a 2 class membership do I get 2 free Pilates annual movement screens?

Yes you do, there is one free Pilates movement screen per class membership per year. The screen is for you and is not transferrable to another person.

Q. What if I don’t want my free Pilates annual movement screen

This is not obligatory however we strongly advise it, as it is a highly effective way of assessing your progress and helping us tailor your Pilates classes to get you the maximum benefit. We recommend one every 6 months.

Q. Can I swap my free Pilates annual movement screen for a different screening appointment or service at the clinic?

This appointment benefit is specifically related to your Pilates membership and is not transferrable or refundable and cannot be carried forward to your next membership year if not used.

Q. Does the free Pilates annual movement screen have to be completed by a Pilates instructor?

Yes. It is important that the Pilates team are involved in your ongoing analysis and ideally we always recommend you book this with the instructor you see most often.

*If you do cancel your membership before the end of the 12 months, and have already had your movement screen, then the full screen fee will become chargeable.

Q. Will my direct debit monthly fee change at any time?

We review our fees once each year with any changes taking effect in September. We will always give you more than 1 months notice of any changes.

Q. How do I cancel my membership?

We need one full calendar months notice for this, and you can simply let us know (by phone or email) and then cancel your direct debit at the bank.
i.e. If you want to stop attending in May then please let us know on or before the 1st April, and then cancel your direct debit, in plenty of time, that is set to come out on 24th April.

The months notice gives us time to offer your regular space to another patient. If you don’t give the agreed notice then a months membership fee will become chargeable.

Q. If I cancel my membership can I rejoin?

Yes of course. However please be aware that you may not be able to get the same class day and time that you had before. Additionally, a £35 admin fee will be payable if you cancel and rejoin within a 3 month period.

If you have any further questions about Pilates at Hatt’s or would like to get started, please speak with a member of our team by calling 01380 730473.