Top Tips for Healthy Feet in Winter

Looking after your feet is as important as going to the dentist or taking your car for an MOT, but for many of us it’s still at the bottom of the to do list. Here’s what you can do to keep your feet healthy through winter.

In the winter months dry skin and cracked heels are a common problem, often caused due to dry skin on the feet becoming dehydrated. These, and many other foot problems can be prevented with regular foot care and routine visits to your Podiatrist. Emma, our registered Podiatrist recommends a few simple tips for healthy feet in winter.

Healthy Feet Winter2

Our Podiatrist prides herself on a ‘total foot care’ approach. “When you come in with a corn, you won’t just get your corn treated, you will have all your foot care needs taken care of.”

A typical treatment consists of a cleansing foot bath, followed by a thorough foot assessment, a vascular and sensory test, your toenails cut and filed, any verrucas, corns, callouses or nail issues will be treated, and to finish, an indulgent and nourishing foot massage leaving you with happy, healthy feet.

If you’re suffering from foot pain or dry and cracked heels, don’t just put up with it, let us take care of it for you. You will feel like you have a new pair of feet and wonder why you didn’t visit a podiatrist years ago!

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