Top tips for keeping your feet happy and healthy this winter

With our feet tucked away into boots and brogues during winter, it’s easy to forget about them. However, the colder seasons can lead to a variety of foot problems so here are our top tips for keeping your feet happy and healthy this winter.

  • Ensure there is enough room in your shoes to wiggle your toes to prevent corns and callus forming.
  • Wear new footwear in gradually and always wear socks to avoid blisters.
  • Enclosed footwear and warm socks can make feet sweaty and moist, a prime environment to develop athletes foot. Make sure you regularly clean and dry your feet thoroughly.
  • Cold weather can dry out the skin on your feet and lead to cracked and fissured heels. Applying a urea based moisturiser daily will keep the skin soft and supple to prevent this. We sell a great foot cream at all our clinics.
  • Changing to enclosed footwear can sometimes cause pressure to nails and cause ingrowing toe nails. Ensure nails are no too long and cut them straight across and not down the sides.
  • Nail polish and gels can damage nails and increase the risk of fungal nail infections, go polish free over winter and let your nails recover.
  • Chillblains are very painful, red-purple swellings that can affect the feet in cold weather, then dry out and cause cracks in the skin. They are caused by an abnormal reaction to cold where the small blood vessels constrict and then suddenly open up causing excessive fluid build up. The best way to prevent chillblains is to keep feet warm by wearing warm, socks, shoes and insoles and by taking your time to warm feet up; for example not immediately putting your feet by a radiator, warm fire or in hot water when you come in from the cold.

Check your feet daily for abnormalities and be proactive in preventing foot problems. If you have any concerns or need some foot care advice or treatment don’t hesitate to book in with one of our HCPC registered podiatrists.