We’re passionate about 5 things

  • Our team
  • Our customers
  • Health & wellbeing
  • Gold standard service
  • Sharing our success

What gets our team out of bed in the morning with a spring in their step is knowing that we’re going to motivate and inspire lots of people to prioritise their body’s health and help them to keep moving and active throughout their lives. Making a positive impact on others and their wellbeing.

We believe that everyone deserves to experience exceptional healthcare, not just the basics, but a gold standard service where the team taking care of you are positive and inspiring, making recovery or improvement enjoyable and achievable.

One of the other advantages of having a successful team and business is that we can Give Back!

We’re strong believers that we should share our success which is why we deliver educational talks at schools and clubs and advise people how to make positive changes to their health. But it doesn’t end there.

We’re involved with a fantastic initiative called Buy1Give1, where every time you attend an appointment with us, we make a positive impact to someone who’s disadvantaged.

Take a look at the wonderful impacts we have made so far:

This month, each time you visit the clinic you’ll get to choose which of the following 3 projects you’d like us to support:

Provide Access To A Toilet In Malawi

Envision not having any access to a toilet or any form of sanitation facility ever! Many families living in the remote areas of Malawi and Zambia face such predicaments and often suffer from poor health and diseases due to the lack of proper and hygienic sanitation.

You can help to decrease the incidence of sickness and keep families alive by building a toilet for one person who will have access to it for the first time!

Give Access To Life Saving Water In Ethiopia

Quench the thirst of people living in Tigray by giving them clean water that is absent of water-borne diseases for one day.

The provision of clean and hygienic water will reduce a woman’s average daily water collection time; effectively reduces children mortality rate from water-borne diseases; and allows girls to receive a proper education instead of spending their time collecting water.

Provide Health Boosting Treatments For Mothers In Kenya

Boost the health of a pregnant mother living in Turkana by providing her with supplies of red blood cell-stimulating capsules for one day. Very often, these mothers lack access to nutritious food and are in need of other forms of nutrient intake.

Your contribution will help the mother to live healthily over the gestation period as well as aid in the normal prenatal development of the fetus.