Head Office Team

Are you looking for a fulfiling role and great team mates?

As a team of diverse professionals all working in an open office, the things that bring us together are our values, like-minded attitude and our passion for the Hatt Clinic mission. Each day promises to deliver a mixture of fun, challenge, fast pace, reward, inspiration and fulfilment which is just the way we like it.

You will need to bring a positive and energetic attitude and an open and coachable approach to work every day.

We are a dynamic and driven team who all want the best for each other and we are always looking for like minded people to join us.


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Your role in the Head Office team at Hatt’s

Our Head Office team consists of Accounts, Marketing, and Management. Your role and responsibilities will vary depending on which position you are applying for but they will all be centred around helping the business thrive.

Your role will be based in an office that is opposite the Devizes clinic but there are plenty of opportunities to visit and work in the clinics regularly so you get to see more of your colleagues.

Why choose Hatt’s?

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Be inspired

You will work with a brilliant team of people committed to coaching and supporting you to be the best version of you.

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Make a difference

As part of the Hatt team, you’ll be helping us inspire the local community to take a proactive appraoch to their health and movement.

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Career progression

If you have the desire to learn and develop the sky is the limit at Hatt’s.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are my working hours likely to change?

Would you contribute towards my pension?

How much annual leave is available?

Is there parking outside the clinics?