Massage and Manual Therapy

Say goodbye to aches and pains with targeted Massage and Manual Therapy.

If you’ve experienced muscle tension or stiffness, we understand the frustration of temporary pain relief, only to have it return.

Don’t settle for discomfort—our holistic approach will identify and address the root cause of your pain and we’ll develop a long-term plan for you to have a strong, flexible body that moves the way you want without discomfort.

Benefits you’ll see after your massage:

  • Improved flexibility
  • Effective pain relief
  • Reduce muscle tension
  • Reduced stress
  • Faster recovery from injury
Uncover all of the benefits of Massage and Manual therapy at Hatt’s by calling our Patient Services team at 01380 730473.

Why should you have Massage Therapy at Hatt’s?

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Personable and highly trained Massage Therapists dedicated to your well-being.
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What it’s like to be a patient at Hatt Clinic

Went to see Rob yesterday. He immediately put me at ease, he certainly knows his stuff and my neck/ shoulder feels much improved. Looking forward to my next appointment & confident we will sort this problem out over time.
Marion Lightbo
Very helpful. The treatment given to me by Rob was excellent. He was conscious of the pains I was suffering from and handled them well. I was impressed with the different techniques he used. I left feeling relieved of pain. I knew that I treatment would not solve the problem and have booked another. Thank you . Jennie Morling
Jennifer Morling
My appointment with Jonathan Coe for an initial manual therapy session began with a discussion of how I developed the back pain from which I am suffering.. He then assessed my posture and my movement capabilities. Armed with this information he then gave me a thorough back massage which although painful at the time, reduced the tension in my back and considerably reduced the pain. Since this first manual therapy session I have not needed to use pain killers. I was very impressed with the professionalism of the analysis of my problem and the treatment I was given and have booked a number of follow up manual therapy sessions.
Robert Charles Chesson
I was not sure quite what to expect, as I have never had to seek this kind of treatment before. But what an eye opener! Rob absolutely knows his stuff, and explained everything that was wrong and why, and how going forward, it could be dealt with, to achieve a much improved result. Felt looser the following morning, a godsend!
Louise Bleeks
“A wonderful massage at Hatt’s – shoulders and neck, hamstring and calves – which had taken a battering over the past week. They hit the spot and smoothed out tensions in the muscles. They are obviously expert masseurs and I have no hesitation in recommending them.”

Massage & Manual Therapy Prices

Senior Massage Manual TherapistClinical Lead Massage & Manual Therapist
Massage & Manual Therapy Appointment (up to 30 mins)£56£59
Massage & Manual Therapy Appointment (up to 45 mins)£72£77
Massage & Manual Therapy Appointment (up to 1 hour)£92£97

Frequently Asked Questions

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Massage & Manual Therapy Prices