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Evolution of care: from Physiotherapy to holistic harmony

Initially offering Physiotherapy, we soon realised it wasn’t just about specific treatments; it was about taking responsibility for patients care. People needed more than isolated therapies; they needed a coordinated approach. Witnessing patients caught in a cycle of disjointed treatments inspired us to expand our scope of practice.

Recognising that Physiotherapy alone couldn’t address all needs, we recruited specialists in various areas. This holistic team of experts, now spanning seven different fields, collaborates seamlessly to provide gold standard care.

Pilates at Hatt Clinic

More than pain relief: a holistic approach to wellness

At Hatt Clinic, our focus extends beyond pain relief. While we prioritise alleviating discomfort, our mission goes deeper. We explore the root causes—alterations in movement, muscle weaknesses, lack of flexibility or strength. Once identified, our team works collectively to enhance your overall well-being.

Whether you seek us for pain management, post-surgery rehabilitation, strength building, or enjoying a social network through programs like Strength & Movement and Pilates, we’re here to empower you. Our commitment is to help you optimise your body’s condition, prevent future injuries, and let you embrace life fully.

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Woman examined by Physiotherapist at Hatt Clinic

Physio and Sports Therapy

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Patient receiving lower back massage at Hatt Clinic

Massage & Manual Therapy

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Woman receiving Podiatry treatment

Podiatry/ Chiropody

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Gait Analysis

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Runner lifting weights during Strength and Movement class

Strength & Movement

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