Running Analysis and Gait Analysis at the Hatt Clinic

Running Analysis

Are you a runner looking to enhance your performance and prevent injuries?

At Hatt’s, we understand the importance of effectiive running form and how it can impact your performance.

Our team of experienced professionals specialise in running analysis, providing personalised assessments to help you reach your running goals and perform at your best.

Are you:

  • Running (or looking to run) regularly
  • Looking to increase your speed or distance
  • Hoping to avoid injury wherever possible

Ready to take the first step to improving your running technique?

Running Analysis and Gait Analysis at the Hatt Clinic

Running analysis benefits

Who is a running analysis for?

A running analysis is beneficial for individuals aiming to enhance their running performance, prevent injuries, or address issues in running mechanics.

What are the benefits of a running analysis?

  • Optimisation
  • Injury prevention
  • Rehabilitation support
  • Footwear selection guidance
  • Gait correction
  • Evaluation of training programme

Whether you’re seeking to improve efficiency, recover from injuries, or select suitable footwear, a running analysis provides valuable insights for runners looking to optimise their overall experience.

If you are a keen runner, you may also benefit from:

What to expect from a running analysis at Hatt’s



Tell us what type of running you enjoy, your training history and your current training load.



A thorough assessment to identify any asymmetry or deficits in your range of movement, control, strength, capacity, power or endurance.



A personalised and detailed plan to maximise all elements of your running performance.



Ongoing support from our team of specialists to optimise your running

Why should you have a Running Analysis at Hatt’s?

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What it’s like to be a patient at Hatt Clinic

“I did a series of walk/run tests. After a good chat about my gait and possible causes of my discomfort they applied very small adjustments to my running shoes and gave great advice on future running shoes. I ran 6km on Sunday and felt a lot better and sure footed. They team are courteous, knowledgeable and professional. Highly recommended.”

Start improving your health and movement today.