“Best sports massage treatment in the area”

February 15, 2018

At Hatts, we strive to offer a Massage service like no other. With a bespoke and tailored approach, your Massage is guaranteed to suit your individual needs. We’ve recently received some glowing feedback from one of our patients, who has regular Massages with our Clinical Lead Massage Practitioner. Take a look:

”Over the course of many years, I’ve experienced a professional service that is continually developing. I’ve noticed in this time that Hatt’s have a vast and extensive knowledge of treatment and employ it excellently to each client, what works for one person might not work for another,  I came to see Rob, the Senior Massage practitioner through recommendation and as the service I had received was second to none I continued to be a loyal customer for many years. Initially, I attended Massage to release tension in my muscles, then it was my choice to maintain my body with Sports Massage and myofascial release. 

After each massage, in nearly all cases I saw a noticeable change within 24 hrs of movement and pain reduction, it was amazing! We always found a new technique that worked better, a testament to Rob’s commitment to training and development. 

I responded very well to fascia release, along with deep tissue massage, all accounting for a more nimble and healthier body, pain-free and being able to work without impeding my movement.

In summary, Hatts know exactly what techniques to employ and how to get the best results, in a friendly professional manner. You will not be disappointed to have chosen this practice for your treatment. Excellent service, excellent results. Would thoroughly recommend massage to anyone, priceless. ”

If you’d like to book a Massage, give our friendly patient services team a call on 01380 730473.