Our Patient Privacy Policy

Here at Hatt’s we are committed to protecting the security and privacy of your personal information and under the General Data Protection (GDPR) want to keep you updated about how we collect and use your personal information.  Our Privacy policy applies to all data collected via our website and in clinic services.

Types of Information We Collect

We may collect personal information from you which can be used to identify you such as your name, address, date of birth, email address, telephone number, medical insurance membership and authorisation numbers.  We also hold GP & Consultant details and details of treatment provided, including medical history.

Information will be collected:

  • When you register with the Clinic
  • Throughout your treatment with us
  • When your personal information changes or is updated (such as change of address)
  • We may also receive information from a third party such as family members, GPs and Consultants, School medical centres.

In some circumstances it may be necessary for us to contact third party providers to supplement the personal information you give us (e.g., validate your private medical insurance when processing invoices) to help us maintain the accuracy of your data and provide you with a better service.

Collection and use of children’s personal information

We only collect personal and medical information required to effectively treat children, this information will be obtained from the parent or guardian, and records will be stored in line with Data Protection laws and all the confidentiality guidelines issued by the professional bodies such as CSP, HCPC.

What we do with your information

We hold personal details including medical information and use this for medical and internal record keeping and to let you know what is going on at the Clinics.

We do not sell your information to third parties, and only share your personal information with third parties such as GPs, Consultants, insurance companies and our external providers who support us in delivering service to our patients.

The confidentiality of your personal information is of the utmost importance to us and we comply with the Data Protection Laws and all the confidentiality guidelines issued by professional bodes such as CSP and HCPC.

We may use your Personal Information for the following:

Clinic Registration/Appointments:
We will use your name, address, date of birth, telephone numbers, and email address to register with Hatt Health & Movement Clinic for the services we provide and to communicate information to you.  We may obtain additional personal information about you such as address changes and changes to your health information, correspondence from other healthcare professionals and insurance companies throughout your treatment and also if you return to the clinic in the future to keep our records current.

Invoicing & Insurance Companies:
When we process insurance claims on your behalf your name, address, date of birth and insurance policy details will need to be provided to your insurance company to enable them to process the claim.

Appointment Reminders and Clinic News:
We may use your information to send confirmation and reminder emails for our appointments and for any correspondence regarding your treatment and where we have obtained your consent, we may use your information to send you news and updates at the clinic.

Requests from third parties (e.g., solicitors if there is a personal injury claim):

We will only provide physiotherapy records on request providing we have written authorisation from you.

Accessing Your Personal Information:
You have the right to access the personal data which we hold on you free of charge and we will provide this information within one month of receipt of the request.  If the request for data is complex or numerous we may have to extend this period by a further 2 months.

Updating your Personal Information
If you would like to update, change or correct any of your information, please get in touch with us by email.

Data Retention
As we are processing your data to comply with our legal obligation to provide healthcare services we also have an obligation to retain your personal information.

All our staff have a legal duty to respect the confidential information we hold about you and each member of staff’s access to your information is restricted to what is needed for their role.

How to Contact Us
If you have any questions about this Privacy Statement please contact the Data Protection Officer at enquiries@hattclinic.co.uk or Hatt Health & Movement Clinic, Couch Lane, Devizes SN10 1EB

We may change or update our Privacy Notices at any time.

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