Flip flops that are custom made for your feet

Now you can enjoy all the benefits of your orthotics in the comfort of flip-flops.

We’re delighted to offer you a new product – FlopThotics – that seamlessly integrates your orthotics into stylish flip-flops.


What are FlopThotics?


The classic flip flop simply doesn’t provide the support your feet require. FlopThotics are flip flops that are custom-made for your feet and provide support exactly where you need it most.


What are the benefits?


  • Enjoy the benefits of your orthotics in the comfort of flip flops
  • Take them to the beach, garden, pool, or anywhere you’d wear flip flops
  • Never have to choose between style or support
  • Get the benefits of your orthotics throughout the year
  • Choose from a number of stylish colours, straps and designs

How to get your hands on a pair.

  • Book in for an appointment where you’ll have a cast of your feet taken
  • Choose your colour and style of FlopThotics
  • In 3 weeks we’ll see you again to make sure your FlopThotics fit
  • Price for your appointments and a pair of FlopThotics: £299


Make the most of the summer with all the benefits of your orthotics. Call us today to get your pair of FlopThotics on 01380 730473.