March 31, 2022

It won’t be long now until you’re pulling your flip-flops and sandals out from the back of the wardrobe ready for Spring and Summer.

Flip flops are light and breezy which helps to keep your feet cool as the weather gets warmer. But in most cases, this type of footwear has little to no support for your feet, so wearing them for prolonged periods, can cause common foot conditions such as Plantar Fasciitis.

Unless you own a pair of Flopthotics…

What are Flopthotics?

They are flip-flops that are custom-made for your feet and provide support exactly where you need it most. And the best part is that you get to choose from a variety of different colours and styles.

How can I get a pair?

Step 1: Book an appointment to get a cast of your feet taken

Step 2: Choose your colour and style of flip-flop

Step 3: Visit us again in 3 weeks for a fitting with your Flopthotics

What do others think about Flopthotics?

“I bought my Flopthtoics at the start of last summer and they are extremely comfortable to wear. I spent most of the summer in them with no issues! It’s great to have a summer solution for my painful feet rather than having to wear an off-the-shelf pair of flip-flops. Without the Flopthotics I would have spent the summer in pain.”

“It’s great to be able to customise your own pair and I will certainly be returning for another pair once these ones have worn out. The biggest downside was having to wait for them to arrive when summer was already here. So, if you are thinking about getting yourself a pair, be organised and get them ordered before the summer actually arrives’’

If you’d like to find a supportive alternative to your current summer footwear or have any further questions about Flopthotics, please call us on 01380 730473.