Suffering With A Fungal Nail Infection?


At Hatt’s, we understand that having a fungal nail infection can not only be uncomfortable but also unsightly. 

That’s why our expert Podiatrists offer a treatment with the highest success rate so that you have the best chance of getting rid of your fungal nail for good.


Clearanail Fungal Treatment


Key Features:

  • Involves controlled micro-drilling of the fungal nail
  • Pain free and non invasive treatment
  • Only 2 treatments sessions required
  • No need to rest after treatment and no post-treatment dressings required

Your treatment includes:

  • Initial treatment session

  • Repeat treatment session at 8 weeks

  • Anti-fungal foot and shoe spray to apply after treatment

  • Follow up review 8 weeks after 2nd treatment session

  • Further follow up review 8 weeks later

  • Final follow up review 8 weeks later

In more advanced infections, a course of oral anti-fungal tablets may be required in combination with topical treatments. In these cases we will arrange this with your GP depending on your medical history, foot status and clinical appearance of your nails.


Click here for some before and after pictures of Clearanail treatment.


If you suspect you have a fungal nail infection, book in with one of our podiatrists who can confirm diagnosis and discuss an individualised treatment plan with you or call us on 01380 730473.