Support for your feet where they need it most.

Do your feet get sore in the summer or when walking around the house in flip-flops all day?

Most shop-bought flip-flops offer little to no support for your feet, so wearing them for prolonged periods of time can cause damage.

Flopthotics are custom-made flip flops that give your feet great support, whilst keeping them cool and breezy in summer.

Whether or not you wear orthotics, Flopthotics are a great way to prevent common foot conditions.

Why should you own a pair of Flopthotics?

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Get a shoe that fits perfectly and offers support where your feet need it most.
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Enjoy long days out in the summer without having to take your trainers.
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Choose from a number of stylish colours, straps and designs.

What our clients say

“I bought my Flopthotics at the start of last summer and they are extremely comfortable to wear. I spent most of the summer in them with no issues! It’s great to have a summer solution for my painful feet rather than having to wear an off-the-shelf pair of flip-flops. Without the Flopthotics I would have spent the summer in pain.”

How to order your pair of Flopthotics


Book a Flopthotics fitting over the phone


We’ll cast your feet to ensure that your Flopthotics support your feet where they need it most


You’ll customise your Flopthotics by choosing your favourite colours and design


We’ll send your cast to the lab where your Flopthotics will be made


3 weeks later, we’ll invite you back in for a fitting to ensure they fit well


Flopthotics package includes: Bespoke casting, 1 pair of bespoke Flopthotics, and a fitting appointment
Flopthotics package£349

Start improving your health and movement today.