Get your feet flip-flop ready

June 09, 2017

With flip-flops, sandals, and bare feet finally making a show this summer, now’s the ideal time to give your feet some care & attention.

Why do my feet need care & attention?

Your feet will take you 115,000 miles in your lifetime – that’s 5 times around the earth. Visiting a Podiatrist regularly helps keep your feet in good health and can prevent many common conditions from developing.

What are the benefits of visiting a Podiatrist?

  • Maintain healthy feet that look & feel great
  • Treat & prevent foot conditions such as verrucae & infections
  • Keep your nails trim & tidy
  • Banish cracked heels & dry skin
  • Never think twice about slipping into flip-flops or sandals

What can I expect when visiting your Podiatrist?

Get your feet in tip-top condition this summer. Call us today to book your Podiatry appointment on 01380 730473. Find out more on our Chiropody page.