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Ro is quite simply fabulous! She’s friendly and empathetic and really put me at ease. Ro listens - really listens. I am really looking forward to my class next week. - Jacqueline Adams - 19/06/21 

I was pleased with the understanding of my problems and so hope my posture and pains will get better - Sally Bullock - 19/06/21 

I felt at ease straight away, the staff are lovely and friendly. My feet feel so much better, and Jose gave great advice on my blister issue. - Mel Watt - 18/06/21 

Issy was friendly and professional, and took the time to thoroughly appreciate what was causing me pain. She then worked though a massage to gradually ease the tight muscles. We scheduled another appointment to follow up and continue treatment if necessary. - Tim Dawson - 17/06/21 

Jose was very lovely and helpful. I thought he gave me good advice and was generally very easy talk to. - Emma Ratcliffe - 16/06/21 

I was treated well well by all the young lady in receptionist was very pleasant and helpful - David Watson - 15/06/21 

After a very thorough examination, both by video and by visual assessment, Emma explained in great detail what was wrong and how to rectify the problem. She suggested orthotics and, luckily, I had some at home used after a previous problem many years ago. (It just shows, you should never get rid of anything like that!) I have been wearing them all morning, and I am almost pain free and I know I am walking in a much better way. Thanks, Emma. It will be interesting to see what happens over the next week prior to my second appointment with her. - Ann Walker - 15/06/21 

Excellent treatment. Paul was very aware of my problem and took great care to minimise any discomfort. In fact I hardly felt any pain at all !!! A procedure well done. - Brian Lewis - 15/06/21 

I felt safe, informed and involved. My feet feel great. Fully met all of my expectations - Caroline Wiltshire - 15/06/21 

Niamh explained the procedure succinctly before performing it. She provided me with a list of daily exercises for me to carry out at home. I found her very reassuring. - Enid Lewis - 15/06/21 

Dan created a very calm and professional environment. As an initial appointment I was impressed by how my treatment was viewed as a part of process to a longer term outcome rather than just treating my current injury in isolation. The flexibility in the options for treatment seem a positive approach to rehab. - Richard Binks - 13/06/21 

(I never give 5 stars!) After a detailed question and answer session, Tom explained, again in great detail (thank goodness), what and where the problem was and the best way to rectify it. I was given 2 exercises to do at home twice a day, 10 reps and the exercises will be increased as the body becomes used to what is happening. Tom also explained that mild to moderate pain was in order but not excessive pain and pain-killers could be taken if the 'agony' was too bad and inhibited walking. - Ann Walker - 13/06/21 

45 minutes massage for lower back pain which was causing considerable discomfort, in particular whilst walking. Issy identified the particular muscle which, if not the root cause of my pain, played a significant part in its generation. Throughout the consultation Issy explained what she was doing and her 'bedside' manner was relaxing. For me the most significant thing was that I walked out of the room, relaxed and with hardly any pain, and that is still the case. - Brian Booth - 13/06/21 

We’ll worth the visit! I didn’t realise my shoulder had been so jammed up until I’d slept on it and found that Issy had loosened it all up beautifully - thanks! - Alison Oliver - 13/06/21 

Issy gave me a particularly deep upper thigh massage after remarking that the muscle in question was very tight - this was causing pain in the hip and knee joints. Two days later and I can walk up the stairs putting pressure on the left leg which would have been almost impossible two days ago. Thanks Issy, you are a star. - Ann Walker - 12/06/21