How can Physiotherapy help you?

May 17, 2019

Did you know that GPs recommend more patients to Physiotherapy than any other health profession? This is because Physiotherapists can help you maximise your health and wellbeing throughout your life.

Physiotherapy is well known for helping athletes prevent and manage their injuries but they also do so much more than that – especially when it comes to preventing physical age-related issues.

If you want to stay healthy and active as you age, here are a few ways that a Physiotherapist can help you:

Manage your pain

A high percentage of the population suffers from varying degrees of pain or discomfort daily, and this can get progressively worse as you age. For some, it’s an irritating niggle that comes from time to time and for others, it’s chronic pain that hinders them from living a fulfilling life.

Most forms of pain can be treated or at least managed with the support of a Physiotherapist, and not just in the short term. With the right advice, pain can be managed long-term meaning your life won’t be dictated by your pain. Instead, you can take back control of your own body and get back to doing the things you love.

Avoid surgery

The thought of surgery for many of us is extremely daunting, and although certain injuries require surgical intervention, there are many occasions when it can be avoided with the support of Physiotherapists.

Physiotherapists can help manage or eliminate your pain by improving your overall physical fitness, making you stronger and your body more resilient.

If you’ve had surgery in the past, you may have been recommended to see a Physiotherapist as part of your post-surgery treatment, as they play a key part in getting you back on your feet as soon as possible.

Prevent injury

If you are prone to injury, then a Physiotherapist can perform a simple movement screen to highlight the strong and weak areas of your body. They’ll then use this information to put together a specific exercise programme to strengthen your body and reduce your risk of falling or getting injured. This will also improve your rate of recovery should you injure yourself in the future.

Looking after your body becomes ever more important as you age. A healthy and active lifestyle provides you with a choice – a choice to do the things you love without pain and with confidence.

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