How To Improve Your Posture In Just Seconds

August 14, 2018

If you’re a worker who spends most of your day sitting at a desk, on average you’ll be sitting down for:

  • 8 hours a day
  • 40 hours in a 5-day work week
  • 1,880 hours in a 47-week working year

As a Physiotherapist when I explore these facts with a patient who suffers from pain related to their sitting posture, the look on their face is probably similar to yours right now. It seems unbelievable right?

When they hear that they can sit for up to 1,800 hours a year (and that is not including your commute or sitting at the dinner table with family) it becomes more apparent just how much of their time is spent sitting which is less than ideal for your posture – but that’s where Physiotherapy can make a difference.

Physiotherapy can do so much to help with posture-related pain including massage, dry needling and strengthening programs. However, if we don’t look to improve the way you sit alongside Physiotherapy then we cannot in my mind begin to resolve your pain, which is why I recommend a little piece of kit called a ‘Posture Medic.’

As I write this article I am like so many of my patients, sitting. However, I am trying to sit in a way that is good for my body; head over shoulders, looking directly at my high monitor, leaning comfortably into my backrest with the support of my Posture Medic.

The premise is simple, the Posture Medic helps to open my chest (by pulling my shoulders back) which reminds my muscles to keep the position of my head over my shoulders and therefore improve my sitting position. I don’t have to think about what I look like from the side or actively ‘’pull my shoulder blades back’’ because believe me trying to do that for 1,880 hours gets tiring!

When looking to improve your sitting posture and reduce any posture-related pain, some of the best solutions are simple. Wearing a Posture Medic intermittently throughout the day can significantly help you take the first step in improving your sitting posture in just seconds and bring about a change to your posture, your pain and your future.

You can purchase a Posture Medic from any of our clinics – if you are already seeing one of our Physios why not ask them if you can try one out at your next session to see how it can benefit you?

For more information, give us a call on 01380 730473.