Get rid of your painful ingrowing toenail for good

Do you have an ingrowing toenail that is painful, uncomfortable to walk on, and looks unsightly?

Ingrown toenails can be very unpleasant and without the right care and attention can just keep growing back, and often with a vengeance! They can also start to look unsightly which can make you hesitant to wear open-toe shoes or have them exposed in front of others.

You may have already searched online for home remedies or even contacted your GP about your ingrowing toenail but had no success.

You shouldn’t have to put up with this and the good news is you don’t have to. Our highly trained Podiatrists can treat your ingrown toenail and get rid of it for good.

Outcome of toenail surgery

Ingrowing toenails

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Ingrowing toenails

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Ingrowing toenails

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What is an ingrowing toenail?

An ingrown toenail is a common problem where the nail grows into the toe. They are painful and can potentially lead to the nail piercing the skin leaving you susceptible to infection. Early intervention from a Podiatrist is particularly important before these become an issue. Especially if you have diabetes or another condition that causes poor blood flow to your feet.

What causes an ingrowing toenail?

Poor cutting technique, various sports, footwear and genetic predisposition are all contributors to this painful condition.

Regardless of how an ingrown nail starts, the treatment can vary from fairly simple conservative management to more complex surgical procedures.

What are common symptoms of an ingrowing toenail?

  • Pain and tenderness in your toe along one or both sides of the nail
  • Redness around your toenail
  • Swelling of your toe around the nail
  • Pain and discomfort surrounding your toe
  • Discharge or bleeding from around the nail

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How can we help?

Our team of Podiatrists and foot health practitioners can treat your ingrowing toenail in our Marlborough, Devizes or Frome clinic.

Here’s what you can expect from your treatment at Hatts:

  • 1

    Book an Initial Podiatry appointment online or over the phone with our Patient Services team on 01380730473.

  • 2

    Come in for your podiatry appointment and meet your foot specialist.

  • 3

    Sit down to enjoy a cleansing foot bath where we’ll ask you for any relevant medical history.

  • 4

    We’ll carry out a thorough assessment of your ingrowing toenail to gain an understanding of why and how it developed. We will also assess your feet as a whole and treat any other conditions you may have.

  • 5

    If your Podiatrist concludes that your toe can be treated non-surgically then we will trim the nail or remove the spike to stop it from ingrowing. However, if conservative treatment is not possible or you have a recurring case then a minor surgical procedure may be required.

    “Nail surgery is highly successful and is an effective way to prevent the return of an ingrowing toenail. The surgery involves a local aesthetic which is injected into the toe. This allows us to remove the ingrowing section of the nail painlessly. A chemical is then applied to stop the problematic part of the nail from growing back.”  – Emma (Podiatrist)

    If nail surgery is the appropriate treatment option for you, then your Podiatrist will talk you through next steps.

  • 6

    You’ll be given advice on how to take care of your feet moving forward to ensure that you’re ingrowing toenail doesn’t grow back.

If you’d like to get rid of your ingrowing toenail for good then book now.

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