Pilates & Strength and Movement Instructors

At Hatt’s, we take a proactive approach to health and movement.

This means that we help our patients build their strength, improve their posture, and condition their bodies to be more resilient and less at risk of injury. We achieve this through offering Pilates and Strength & Movement 1:1s and class based sessions.

To be an exercise instructor at Hatt’s, you’ll need to be organised, adaptable, creative and personable.

Your Role as an Instructor at Hatt’s

As an instructor at Hatt’s, your role will be to focus on helping the patient get stronger and improve their performance and wellbeing.

You’ll work closely with the Rehab and Massage & Manual Therapy team to help your patients prioritise their body’s health.

Pilates & Strength and Movement Instructors
Pilates & Strength and Movement Instructors

What our Pilates & Strength and Movement team say

DannySenior Pilates Instructor

"I saw a company that wanted to be a leader in the industry and were open to doing it in an innovative way."

Current Vacancies

We don’t have any active vacancies available at the moment. However, if you think you’d be a great fit, we’d love to hear from you. Send us an email to introduce yourself at jointheteam@hattclinic.co.uk.


We try to keep your hours as consistent as possible. There may be circumstances where you may need to adapt your hours but this will be discussed with you and with plenty of notice.

Yes, we contribute up to 3% and we encourage you where possible to contribute also.

Annual leave at Hatt’s is generous because we appreciate how hard everyone works and how important rest and recuperation is. You will receive 6.5 weeks of annual leave (including bank holidays) which increases to 7.5 weeks the longer you are with the company.

There is free parking available within a 5-minute walk to our Frome and Devizes clinics. The is a pay and display car park right outside our Marlborough clinic and free parking around a short walk away from the clinic.

This depends on your role. If you are required to wear branded uniform, we will provide it. Otherwise, we ask you that you dress in line with the company dress code.

It depends on your role within the company. As a health and movement clinic, we need to be able to offer availability before and after work and sometimes at weekend to accommodate the needs of our patients. We recognise that you have personal commitments, and we always take these into consideration as much as we can when putting your diary hours together.