Craig Nurse

Clinical team

Craig Nurse’s story

Hi, my name is Craig and I started working at Hatt’s in March 2020 as a Rehabilitation and Manual Therapist. Previously, I worked in a Strength & Conditioning gym in Bristol where I spent a lot of time working with Athletes. I then decided that I wanted to grow my experience and skill set by working with a wider variety and volume of patients, and this is exactly what Hatt’s has provided.

When I started here,  I knew I’d be working in a highly skilled team of different professionals, but what I didn’t expect was how much I’d learn from working so collaboratively with each department.

The multidisciplinary team environment really has challenged my knowledge and helped me grow. The skills I have now compared to my previous role have gone through the roof, and that is all thanks to the rest of the team and the detailed coaching sessions I have on a regular basis. I am hugely passionate about healthcare – in particular, Manual Therapy and Rehabilitation, and everyone around me is too which makes it such a great environment to work in.

Alongside my clinical role, I’ve also been given the opportunity to work closely with the marketing team and recruitment team which gives me a broad knowledge of the business and has allowed me to learn a completely new set of skills which I’m really enjoying.

The social side of work is really important for me and the beautiful thing about working at Hatt’s is that everyone here feels the same. We all want to work hard and achieve the best results, but we also want to have a laugh and support one another. There are regular socials that can be wild but also chilled, I have definitely made friends for life here at Hatt.