Matt Walsh

Clinical team

Matt’s story

Hi, my name’s Matt and I started my journey at Hatt’s way back in September 2010, when I moved to the quaint town of Frome.

I was ecstatic to be starting work as a Physio and at the time we were only a small team of 6. Even at that time, as soon as I started I could feel the energy and passion around the place, and could see how my managers were driven and proactive in pushing the team and the business forwards. It was clear to see the potential and I was excited to see where the company was going to go.

Right from my early days to the present time I have been involved in a structured development program and was not only encouraged to attend external training but was also provided with regularly internal training.

I am now part of a team of 35 members of Physios, Sports Therapists, Masseurs, Rehab Therapists, Podiatrists, S&C coaches, Pilates Instructors, Patient Services and Office staff working across 3 sites. As with our team, our CPD program has developed in leaps and bounds as well. I now benefit from:

  • A generous external training budget
  • Weekly Peer Reviews/Caseload discussions,
  • Coaching
  • Monthly meetings with my line manager (to ensure my wellbeing is being looked after)
  • Fortnightly team training (where we shut down the whole business to develop our skills)
  • Informal clinical observations, upskilling with team members, and joint consultations with other health professionals

In addition, to keep me on top of my work I’m able to access the company wellness programme where I attend Pilates classes to help me un-wind after a long day at work.

Although there is the constant to drive to develop, and the business is always evolving, we have always maintained one of our core values: ‘be exceptional in all that you do and have fun doing it’. This is something that I see on a daily basis with the team who are always pushing themselves to go the extra mile, but having a good laugh while doing so.

This is reinforced with the strong social calendar that we run – from Ski trips, to summer trips away, to go-karting, to painting balling and summer BBQ’s which has helped me develop strong links with the team as well as their families.

I’m now lucky enough to have progressed to a Clinical Lead Physiotherapist managing a team of 8 Physios. This involves 3 days management and 2 days maintaining my clinical list. It is not only a great job, but I would like to think I demonstrate the potential and effectiveness of the structure we have here at Hatt’s.

Looking ahead I’m confident the business is going to continue to thrive and I want to be part of it going from strength to strength.