Tom Clifton

Clinical team

Tom Clifton’s story

Hi I’m Tom and I’m a Senior Physiotherapists at Hatt’s. I joined the clinic over 3 years ago after graduating as a Physiotherapist. It really seemed like the perfect choice to me when choosing where to start my Physiotherapy career. The induction period looked supportive, there was regular in-service training and one-to-one coaching with my line manager, a generous external training budget to attend courses of my particular interest and lots of scope for upskilling with more experienced team members and members of the wider multi-disciplinary team. You are really encouraged to develop in your key areas of interest which have really helped me get started in my career and shape it the way I want.

Since joining Hatt’s I have developed hugely as a clinician and been promoted to a Senior Physiotherapist in the last year. The business has developed significantly too. The team is very passionate and driven, and they value your opinion. It’s very exciting to have service development meetings and wider company team meetings to input and help shape how services should be run to deliver gold standard patient care.

On a personal and social level, Hatt’s is a great place to work and the regular socials are really fun too.  There is a strong team culture and atmosphere around the clinic day-to-day and there is plenty of accessible support from team members all the way through to higher management. We also have a wellbeing programme which is a great perk and really makes me feel looked after and valued as a team member.

Currently, I work across the Marlborough and Devizes clinics with a varied shift pattern which really suits me. I run a busy clinic list which keeps me engaged. I look forward to continuing to progress individually from a career and personal point of view and helping the business develop too.