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Are you tired of dealing with nagging knee pain that limits your activities and quality of life?


Our team of experienced Physio and Sports Therapists are here to help you find relief and get you back on your feet!

Whether you’re recovering from an injury, struggling with chronic pain, or seeking to prevent further damage, our personalised treatments are tailored to address your specific needs.

“They did a thorough examination and then worked absolute magic on my knee”

Are you:

  • Experiencing sharp, dull, achy, or throbbing pain

  • Suffering from inflammation or swelling of your knee joint

  • Finding it difficult to weight bear or fully bend and straighten your knee

  • Feeling unstable and noticing your knee give way when walking or standing

  • Hearing clicking, popping, or crunching noises when you move your knee


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Our treatment options that can help with knee pain

Physio & Sports therapy

Physio & Sports Therapy

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Manual therapy

Manual Therapy

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Gait Analysis and Treatment

Gait Analysis

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Who does knee pain most commonly affect?

Knee pain can affect anyone at any stage in life but has the highest prevalence in older adults, athletes, or overweight individuals.


What causes knee pain?

Knee pain can either be directly related to the integrity of the joint and supporting structures or be a result of problems elsewhere that place abnormal pressure on the knee joint. Common knee injuries include:

    • Ligamentous damage or rupture. There are four main ligaments in the knee that work to limit excessive movement of the joint. Two that sit within the knee joint limiting forward and backward movement, and two that sit either side of the knee limiting sideways movement. At times, these ligaments can tear or completely rupture if the knee joint is over stressed in certain directions.


    • Torn or worn meniscus. The meniscus is a wedge-shaped structure made of cartilage located within the knee, which acts as a shock absorber. Damage to the meniscus can occur from an acute injury – for example, if the knee is twisted when the foot is planted on the ground, or with long-term over-use.


    • Patellar tendinopathy. This injury occurs as a result of damage to the strong connective tissue which attaches the quadriceps (thigh) muscle to the shin bone. Excessive jumping or landing strains the patella tendon which over time can cause Patellar tendinopathy.Chondromalacia patellae. The cartilage under the kneecap is a natural shock absorber. Deterioration or breakdown of this cartilage, often as a result of imbalances at the hip or foot can cause Chondromalacia patellae.


    • Chondromalacia patellae. The cartilage under the kneecap is a natural shock absorber. Deterioration or breakdown of this cartilage, often as a result of imbalances at the hip or foot can cause Chondromalacia patellae.


    • Arthritis. Osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis can cause swelling, stiffness, and knee pain as you flex and extend your knee.


    • Iliotibial band friction syndrome. The iliotibial band (ITB) is a tight band of fibrous tissue that runs down the outside of the thigh, from the hip to just below the knee joint. ITB friction syndrome is caused by the ITB rubbing over structures on the side of the knee, often a result of imbalances at the hip or foot

What to expect from the knee pain clinic at Hatt's


We'll start by understanding your medical history


We'll conduct a thorough assessment and get to the root cause of your knee pain


You'll receive hands on treatment to relieve your pain and inflammation


We'll put together a personalised treatment plan to manage your pain and promote a speedy recovery


You'll receive ongoing support from our team to resolve your knee pain and prevent future injuries

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