Get your feet taken care of and looking fabulous in one appointment with a Medi Pedi

We know that people like you really understand how important it is to take care of your feet.

You want your feet looked after by a medical professional but you also want them to look great, which usually means two separate visits. One to the Podiatrist/Chiropodist and another to the Beauty Therapist.

That’s why we’ve created the Medi Pedi. Bringing together the medical side of Podiatry/Chiropody with the luxurious side of a pedicure.

In your Medi Pedi appointment, your feet will get the medical care they need combined with a relaxing foot scrub, foot massage, and painted nails to ensure they look and feel fabulous.


“Rather than booking two appointments, with a Podiatrist and a beauty salon, you can do it all at once.”

What to expect from your Medi Pedi


Book your Medi Pedi online or over the phone


Enjoy a cleansing foot scrub whilst we discuss your foot care needs


We'll carry out a thorough foot assessment and treat any foot conditions


We'll remove any hard and dry skin on your feet


Your toenails will be neatly cut & filed followed by a relaxing foot massage


To finish, your toenails will be painted in a colour of your choice

Meet your foot specialist, Mel

“I’m really looking forward to meeting you and taking care of your foot health needs. My whole career is based around foot health and it’s something I’m very passionate about. I love Medi Pedi appointments as they bring that element of luxury and relaxation to the appointment.”

Why should you book a Medi Pedi instead of a Pedicure?

Our foot specialists check your feet for any underlying conditions and advise you on how to treat them.

We use a scalpel to remove thick callus and corns instead of a rasp, leaving you with softer and more comfortable feet for longer.

The base coat used to paint your toenails in our Medi Pedi is free from harmful chemicals and contains natural ingredients.

Start taking care of your feet today

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