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Move Better, Look Better, Feel Better

  • Improve your core strength & flexibility
  • Develop your posture
  • Feel energised and refreshed

Outstanding experience – I’ve attended many fitness classes over the years and Hatts stands head and shoulders above the rest. Everyone at Hatts works together to deliver an exceptional and highly beneficial experience, tailored to suit all ages and physical ability.

I was very impressed with my initial 1:1 Pilates. I have never done reformer Pilates before and I feel that everything was explained very well and professionally. Looking forward to learning more.

Pilates - The Hatt Way


Choose between a fixed or flexible class or 1:1 time each week in our studio


Get personal attention from your instructor with no more than 5 attendees per class


Join us on Zoom for live online classes each week


Access a suite of pre-recorded classes for you to enjoy anytime and anywhere

Get the best of both worldsAll of our pilates classes offer a combination of matwork and reformer pilates to help you get the most out of each session.

Matwork Pilates

Matwork Pilates

Matwork Pilates

  • Go through a series of exercises designed specifically for a matwork class
  • Great for learning the core elements of Pilates
  • Progress through variations of each exercise to suit your ability

Reformer Pilates

Reformer Pilates

Reformer Pilates

  • Exercise on a Reformer
  • Control the level of resistance or assistance for each exercise to suit your ability
  • A wide variety of Reformer exercises make each class different and exciting

How do I get started?

How do I get started?

Step 1: Book your initial 1:1 Pilates session

At Hatt’s your Pilates journey starts with a 1:1 session with your instructor.


Step 2: Decide which membership suits you


Hatt Pilates Class Membership
(£109 per month)


Up to 5 in clinic classes per month included*


Access to weekly online live classes


Access to an exclusive online members portal of
pre-recorded classes


A free annual movement screen


20% discount on Pilates 1:1’s


Option to purchase additional class credits


10% discount on ALL other Hatt Clinic services

Hatt Pilates 1:1 Membership
(£239 per month)


4 x 1:1 sessions each month


Access to weekly online live classes


Access to an exclusive online members portal of
pre-recorded classes


2 x free annual movement screens


20% discount on additional Pilates 1:1’s


Option to purchase additional class credits


10% discount on ALL other Hatt Clinic services

*Choose from a guaranteed space which is one class every week at the same time or a flexible space that includes 5 flexible credits per month.

**Choose a 1:1 membership and book your sessions whenever you like. The first 4 each month are included within your membership and you’ll get 20% off additional 1:1’s each month.


Step 3: Choose between guaranteed & flexible booking and a time that suits you 

For your in clinic classes you can either choose to have a guaranteed class space at the same time each week or take a more flexible approach.

If you decide to go for the guaranteed class booking, you will benefit from our Make Up* option.

Our Make up* option enables you to move your class to another day so you don’t miss the benefit of attending.

Read more about the make up option >

If you decide to go for the flexible booking, here’s how it will work:

Read more about the flexible booking option >

Here you can find the most up to date Pilates timetable:

Find a time that works for you >


Step 4: Set up your direct debit

Once you’ve decided which membership suits you, we will send you an email with all the information you need to set up your direct debit.

Step 5: Make the most out of your membership

Once you’ve signed up to become a member you will get access to the member’s area on our website.

Once you’re logged in, you will see the schedule for the live online classes and the full suite of pre-recorded videos so that you can access Pilates from anywhere at any time.

You will also receive an invite to join our private Pilates Members Facebook group where you’ll receive regular updates and advice from the Pilates team and have the opportunity to connect with other Pilates members at Hatt’s too.


Step 6: Celebrate!

You’ve taken a big step toward improving your health and fitness and we’re delighted to be a part of this journey with you. We will do everything we can to keep you motivated and inspired to look after your health and wellbeing.

If you would like to sign up to be a member at Hatt’s you can do so by contacting our Patient Services team.


We’ve included an extensive list of FAQs below to answer some of your questions but please feel free to get in touch should you need any further assistance.


Yes, no problem. You will receive a 5% discount on each membership and will have just one monthly direct debit set up for this.

A Make up* can be requested from 4 weeks before the class you cannot attend, up until 24 hours before

the class. If less than 24 hours notice we cannot accommodate a Make up*.

At the time you call, you can book the Make up* class up to 4 weeks ahead in the diary. This 4 week period is from the date you call, not the date of the class you cannot attend eg. If you can’t attend your normal class on 30th September you can let us know anytime from 2nd September up until 24 hours before your class time.

If you called on the 2nd September then you can book the Make up* class ahead with us in the diary between the 2nd and the 30th September (a 4 week window) OR if for the same class you called later on the 12th September then you can book it between 12th September and the 10th October (a 4 week window).

If you cannot find a suitable option when you speak to us then we can apply a Make up*class credit to your account for you to use in the future when it is convenient.

To use it you simply need to call us up, check class availability over the next 4 weeks, and book it in.

Make up* classes and credits cannot be moved again once they are booked in.

Make up* class credits have no cash value and expire upon cancellation of your membership.

If less than 24 hours notice we cannot accommodate a Make up* OR issue a Make up* class credit, as it does not give us enough time to offer the space to other members.

If this occurs on one of the 5 remaining Bank Holidays (the 3 at Xmas and New Year are already excluded due to the annual break) then you can choose to:-

1.Call us to arrange a Make up* in the usual way


2.On the day of the class we will automatically apply a Make up* class credit onto your account for you to use in the future.

This is to avoid ‘blocking’ available membership slots so that new patients have the opportunity to start a Pilates membership and be able to book their desired regular class.

This is due to the extra costs of ongoing booking administration. Our monthly membership fees are set with this service level in mind.

We have an answer machine that is available over the weekend. Your time of call is logged and as long as we have the required 24 hours notice then we will call you back to see if you want to arrange a Make up* class.

It is helpful to have as much notice as possible as this opens up more class spaces for other members.

You are welcome to join at any time. If you join before your first direct debit is due our team will take an interim payment which will enable you to start right away.

Yes, absolutely! If you would like to book 2 or more guaranteed spaces each week, you can purchase multiple memberships and benefit from a 5% discount which will be applied to your direct debit. Alternatively, you can purchase additional class credits to use at a time that suits you.

Not in the same way as the class membership, however, you can book your sessions as far ahead in the diary as you wish. If you would like the same time and day most weeks then we recommend pre-booking well ahead with our Patient Services team.

Additional Pilates 1:1’s and additional Pilates Movement Screens are discounted for members by 20% of our normal fees.

This discount can be used for ALL non-Pilates services and products at the clinic with just 1 exception which is a Quickstart (as these are significantly discounted already). It cannot be used in conjunction with any other special offers or discounts and is only for your personal use.

*All the additional discounts you receive as a Hatt Pilates member are valid whilst you maintain your active Hatt Pilates membership

This encompasses a 2 week period around the Xmas and New Year Bank Holidays. Specific dates will be shared with you each year.

We will always do our best to have the class covered by another clinician in the first instance. However, if this is not possible, we would offer to book you a Make up* class (to be booked in up to 4 weeks following this cancellation), or give you the option of a Make up* class Credit.

Fortunately, these scenarios are really quite rare. Again for any missed classes due to this, we would offer to book you a Make up* class (to be booked in up to 4 weeks following this cancellation), or give you the option of a Make up* class credit.

The free annual movement screen is subject to 12 months of continuous membership, and can then be used at any time thereafter. Our Gold Standard recommendation is for you to have a screen at least every 6 months and your instructor will advise you when these are most effective for you.

This appointment benefit is specifically related to your Pilates membership and is not transferrable or refundable.

Yes. It is important that the Pilates team are involved in your ongoing analysis and ideally we always recommend you book this with the instructor you see most often.

We review our fees intermittently and will always give you more than 1 months notice of any changes.

You can use these whenever you like and can book them up to 4 weeks ahead from when you call us. However, all types of Pilates class credits expire upon termination of your membership.

We need one full calendar month’s notice for this and you can simply let us know by phone or email. Please don’t cancel your direct debit until you have spoken to our team.

i.e. If you want to stop attending in May then please let us know on or before the 1st April. If you don’t give the agreed notice then a month’s membership fee will become chargeable.

Yes of course. However please be aware that you may not be able to get the same class day and time that you had before. Additionally, a £70 rejoining fee will be payable if you cancel and rejoin within a 3 month period.


Ready to get started? If so, please contact our Patient Services team.