What is Strength and Movement?

September 13, 2017

Strength and Movement is the selection and development of dynamic exercises used to improve physical performance. Whilst it originally benefited athletes, S&C is now widely used in both the sporting world and more generally.

Strength and Movement is used to develop every area of your body and improve the way you move, to enhance your sporting or physical performance.

Research demonstrates that correct and appropriate training can improve physical performance. It also shows that incorrect and inappropriate training can be very detrimental to the way your body moves and performs, whether that’s in your daily life, such as walking the dog, or in your hobby or sport.

The skill and experience of a Strength coach will enable them to design and guide you through a personalised training programme to help you achieve your specific physical goals.

Here at Hatt’s, you will begin your journey with a Quick Start programme where we will understand and set your physical or performance goals, develop your bespoke programme and get you started on your training. This will initially be achieved through three 1:1 sessions where you’ll get all the support and guidance you need to understand your training programme.

In addition, our expert Strength coaches will teach you the correct exercise techniques, so that you can get the most out of your training. Following your Quick Start, you can continue with 1:1 sessions or join a small group Strength and Movement class where you’ll continue progressing towards your goals with a high level of individual attention.

To get started with your own Strength and Movement Programme and fast track to great results, give us a call on 01380 730473 to book a Quick Start Programme.