6 reasons to do reformer Pilates

Danny Burke

Danny Burke

August 07, 2017

There are numerous benefits of doing Reformer Pilates. Here, our Senior Pilates Instructor Danny picks the top 6.

1. Better posture

A major part of Pilates is maintaining good posture. Reformer Pilates will help bring balance to your muscles to help you stand taller and straighter. Moving in a more neutral position your body will be under less strain and less likely to develop aches and niggles – did you know for every inch forward your head it weighs an extra 10 pounds?

2. Stronger muscles

The Reformer’s sliding platform and choice of springs provide an environment where you can challenge your muscles without putting undue strain on your joints. Also, if you enjoy lifting weights, Reformer Pilates can help you lift more in the gym too by improving your body’s mechanics.

3. Decreased risk of injury

Injuries often come from poor movement, lifestyle habits, and muscle imbalances. Reformer Pilates classes will help you address any underlying movement imbalances to help you move better and improve your resilience to injury.

4. Better performance

Whatever your sport or activity Reformer Pilates can help. Muscles working in synergy create more efficient movements. More efficient movement improves athleticism by allowing you to generate more force, or perform for longer with less fatigue.

5. Reduce or eliminate everyday aches and pains

In the same way, Reformer Pilates can help reduce the risk of injury, it can help relieve a lot of common aches and pains such as lower back or neck pain.

6. Look and feel great

If you’re stronger, have better posture, move better and you’re not in pain you will look great and feel fantastic!

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