Get fit to hit the slopes

April 07, 2017

When sat in a deck chair buried in the snow, and sipping on a hot chocolate, we can enjoy watching other skiers seamlessly fly down the mountain. However, despite how easy it may look, a good level of fitness is necessary if you want to enjoy your time on the slopes.

Having a good level of strength, stamina, flexibility and balance is key for skiing and without it, you are more likely to get injured.

Skiing is a sport in which you have sessions of moderate to high levels of activity for periods ranging from 1-10 minutes, followed by periods of rest. There is a great deal of continuous muscle activity, particularly in the legs, which you may not be accustomed to.

If you can find the time to work on an exercise programme before you hit the slopes, then this is something we would highly recommend. Even if this means slightly adapting your regular exercise routine so that it is steered towards working muscles that you use regularly when skiing.

We recommend that you begin your pre-skiing programme at least 4-6 weeks before your holiday. The most effective way to do this would be to join our QuickStart Strength & Movement programme which is designed specifically to help you achieve your performance goals, so in this case, becoming a fitter and better skier. To find out more information on our QuickStart Strength & Movement programme click here.

In the meantime, here are a few regular exercises that you can do in preparation for your holiday that could make all the difference:

Warm-up and stretching

This is an essential part of any exercise programme. Always aim to spend 10-15 minutes during some static and dynamic stretching.

Leg and upper body strength work

Your legs will need a great deal of strength to maintain your control down the piste. Static wall squats for the quads is a classic exercise but you need to consider hip strength and stability too.

Core stability

A stable core helps your body work effectively and maintains your balance and control. Make sure you do core work that is suitable for your level of ability. Pilates can be a great option here, and this too is something we offer as a service. Click here for more information on our Pilates membership.


The muscles in your legs need to be flexible enough, especially as they will tighten up after a day on the slopes. Your calf muscles particularly need to be flexible to enable good ankle flex in your boots which helps give you good control.

Taking the time before your ski holiday to prepare will be more than worth it. If you get fit to hit the slopes, you’ll be able to ski for longer, feel less tired afterwards and enjoy the experience a whole lot more.

For more advice on how to prepare for the slopes, give us a call on 01380 730473.