Diabetes and the foot

February 16, 2023

High blood glucose levels over a prolonged period of time, such as is experienced in diabetics, can cause in neuropathy (damage to the nerves) or a loss of circulation to the extremities in the body.

This can result therefore in injuries not healing as well as they should, or failure to even notice an injury which can lead to infection, ulceration, and eventually amputations.

Seeing a Podiatrist/Chiropodist or foot health practitioner regularly can significantly reduce the risks known to affect diabetics by treating corns and hard skin, keeping your nails neatly trimmed, and providing advice on how to keep on top of your foot health including:

  • Getting support to quit smoking (if you do smoke)
  • Managing your blood sugars, cholesterol, and blood pressure
  • Checking your feet every day
  • Eating a healthy, balanced diet and staying active
  • Watching out for cutting your nails
  • Making sure your footwear fits
  • Use moisturising cream every day
  • Don’t use blades or corn plasters

If you have diabetes and would like help taking care of your feet, please get in touch by calling 01380 730473.