When should I see a Physiotherapist or Sports Therapist?

January 10, 2023

If you have been wondering whether it’s time to see a Physio or Sports Therapist then hopefully this will help…

More often than not, people book in to see a Physio or Sports Therapist if they have recently been injured or have started experiencing pain, and we can certainly help in this case. But what about if you’ve been experiencing pain for a long time or aren’t currently in pain? Can a Physio or Sports Therapist help then? In short, the answer is YES!

Perhaps you’ve been living with aches or pains for a long time with the hope that they will go away by themselves. Sometimes they do, but only to resurface later down the line. Understanding what the problem is and most importantly why it is happening is the key to recovery.

No matter what your background is, your physical abilities, or your age, you don’t have to put up with pain. Having an assessment can provide you with the answers and reassurance you need to take the next step to recovery. Whatever your situation is, there is always an answer. Together we can make a plan going forward that will provide the best outcome for you, whether that is Physio or Sports Therapy treatment, small adjustments to daily living, Rehabilitation, Gait Analysis or Manual Therapy.

What if I’m not in pain?

Pain isn’t the only reason you’d need to see a Physio or Sports Therapist. If you’re pain-free but feel restricted in your movement, feel general weakness, or lack the confidence to complete a particular task (whether that is going for a walk or running a marathon) then we can help. We will work alongside our Rehab team to create a bespoke plan to target your individual goals.

We can also carry out a movement screen where we identify areas of restriction, weakness or asymmetry, and even carry out a posture screen to see how your posture may be limiting your movement.

And it doesn’t stop there. We also have an excellent Pilates and Strength & Movement team dedicated to strengthening your body to reduce the risk of pain or injury in the future and to ensure that your body is moving and feeling better than ever before.

If in doubt, please give our Patient Services team a call on 01380 730473 and we will point you in the right direction.