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If you’re in pain while walking, struggle to stay on your feet through the day, or can’t keep active because of discomfort in your feet, then a Gait Analysis may be exactly what you need.



What is a Gait Analysis?

A Gait Analysis looks at the way your body moves. It analyses your feet and lower limbs to identify and correct abnormal postures and movement patters that are either currently causing you pain and discomfort, or could cause you pain and discomfort in future.

Who is a Gait Analysis suitable for?

A Gait Analysis is suitable for all people of all ages. Typically if you experience pain or discomfort in your feet, knees or hips, or struggle to stay on your feet throughout the day,  you will benefit from a Gait Analysis.

What can I expect from my Gait Analysis?

At your Gait Analysis appointment you’ll have a comprehensive assessment of your feet and ankles, looking at their structure and function, and their relation to the rest of your body. We’ll learn about you, your lifestyle and the goals your injury is holding you back from achieving. With the latest video analysis used alongside our extensive clinical expertise, you’ll get a clear diagnosis of your condition along with a treatment plan to resolve it.

What treatments do we offer?

  • Bespoke orthotics
  • FlopThotics
  • Shockwave therapy
  • Steroid injection therapy
  • Mobilisation

Why should I choose you over another clinic?

Your assessment and treatment is centred around your goals and what you want to achieve – which is why every treatment plan is bespoke to you. A combination of passionate Therapists, expertise in biomechanics and use of the most up-to-date technology means you get the very best results from your treatment.

Other FAQs

I think I may need some orthotics or insoles. How can I be certain? – A wide number of conditions can be caused by poor foot function and will improve with the use of orthotics. At your first appointment your Podiatrist will advise you whether orthotics are appropriate for your condition.

Is the cost of a Gait Analysis covered by medical insurance? – Yes, we are recognised by all major health insurance companies.

What do I need to wear? – Please wear loose fitting trousers and bring along a few pairs of shoes that you regularly wear.

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Gait Analysis


We're involved with a fantastic initiative called Buy1Give1, where every time you attend an appointment at the clinic, we make a positive impact on the lives of disadvantaged people across the world.

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